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    F1 Clienti - Thirty-seven years of history on the Hockenheim track

    10 settembre 2016

    Hockenheim, 10 September 2016 What do a 312 B3 from 1974, a F1-91 from 1991 and a 2011 F150° Italia have in common? They are all F1 cars and they are among the single-seaters participating in the Ferrari Racing Days under way at the Hockenheimring.   Ageless display. The F1 Clienti event is one of the most anticipated activities of all Ferrari Racing Days. Its stars are iconic cars that have made history in Formula 1 and that, with the roaring of their engines, evoke fond Ferrari-red memories in the minds of the tifosi. On the other hand, customers find it especially exciting to go around famous tracks such as that of Hockenheim before so many fans. This weekend, cars separated in age by 37 years will be on the track.   The 312 B3. It was the year 1974 and Niki Lauda had just joined Ferrari. The Scuderia was about to enter its glory years, which, notably, coincided with the generation of the 312T, in its many variants. In that distant 1974 Lauda was already able to stand out with the 312 B3, while his teammate Clay Regazzoni came very close to winning the world championship. This was one of the most admired cars in Hockenheim as was the F1-91, a beautiful single seater, which, however, did not enjoy great success with Alain Prost and Jean Alesi at the wheel.   The more recent cars. The public was also able to admire the customers at the wheel of the  most successful cars: the F2002, the record-breaking car driven by Michael Schumacher (who won the title as early as July) and Rubens Barrichello, the F2003-GA, but also the 248 F1, the F2007, which won the Drivers’ championship with Kimi Raikkonen, the 2008, which dominated the manufacturers' championship, the F10 and, finally, the F150° Italia, single-seater on which Fernando Alonso won first place in Silverstone in 2011.