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    Drivers’ comments after Race-2 at Mugello

    Mugello 09 ottobre 2022

    Mugello is one of the world’s most famous circuits. Its continuous ups and downs and technical turns test even the most experienced drivers. This weekend, it hosted the penultimate round of the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli. The Prancing Horse one-make series hailed three new champions in Tuscany: Doriane Pin in the Trofeo Pirelli; Franz Engstler in the Coppa Shell; and Alexander Nussbaumer in the Coppa Shell Am. 

    Trofeo Pirelli 

    John Wartique, winner Trofeo Pirelli: “Of course, I’m very pleased. After all, winning is the goal of every race. It wasn’t an easy weekend because there were many participants and heavy traffic on the track, which is also why I failed to set an adequate time in qualifying. At that point, before today’s green light, I realised that I would have to come up with something and get cracking if I wanted to at least make the podium. So I gave it everything at the start and took the first corner perfectly. From there on, I managed the race well until victory”.

    Thomas Neubauer, runner-up Trofeo Pirelli: “I’m not satisfied. For me, coming second means I am the best of the losers. I had a good start, but then John (Wartique, ed.) handled the first corner better, took the lead and held it until the end, so he deserves first place”.

    Doriane Pin, third place Trofeo Pirelli:  “Winning the title is a powerful feeling. It was the season’s goal, and we achieved it. I speak in the plural because the credit goes not only to me but to the whole team and the people who worked to achieve this goal. I am very proud and hope this is the first in a long series of titles. I liked the Mugello circuit because it’s a fast track, and it’s difficult to pass when you are behind a rival. It is challenging, and I thoroughly enjoyed it”.

    Trofeo Pirelli Am

    Ange Barde, winner Trofeo Pirelli Am: “This weekend was wonderful and ended with victory at Mugello. Yesterday was tricky due to the accident that marred Race-1. It was a tough test today, too, as I was up against some highly competitive drivers, but I managed to win. I am overjoyed by this result”. 

    Alessandro Cozzi, second place Trofeo Am: “It wasn’t an easy race because of the deployment of the Safety Car at the beginning and in the final stages. I also incurred penalties, and that’s why the final positions were decided on a knife edge. This is my third season podium, and it came on my ‘home’ leg in Italy at Mugello. Today was a beautiful day, certainly better than Saturday, where I would have been in contention for third place if another car hadn’t collided with me”.

    Nigel Schoonderwoerd, third place Trofeo Pirelli Am: “I am satisfied with the entire weekend. Today I started from pole, but considering everything that happened in the race, a podium finish is definitely a good result”. 

    Coppa Shell 

    Franz Engstler, winner Coppa Shell: “I am so thrilled by this victory that I can’t put my joy into words. I worked extremely hard throughout the season. This dedication yielded many positive results, crowned with the title. These performances are also credit to my entire team, and to the technicians who delivered me a perfectly balanced car in every race. Thank you all”. 

    Ernst Kirchmayr, runner-up Coppa Shell: “I am delighted with second place because it came at the end of a difficult race. I couldn’t challenge Franz Engstler because he was very quick, and it was virtually impossible to catch him. It’s wonderful to be here and race at Mugello, a track with a great reputation, which is also home to Formula 1 and is one of the world’s most beautiful circuits”. 

    Roman Ziemian, third place Coppa Shell: “I am more than pleased with the result, considering that I failed to finish qualifying, as I was forced off track and so started from the back. Nevertheless, I still managed to make it onto the podium in the race. Considering the circumstances and the result, this was one of my best performances ever. Perhaps it was my best race ever. Mugello is spectacular, Italy is spectacular, and I am proud to be on the podium”.

    Coppa Shell Am

    Alexander Nussbaumer, winner Coppa Shell Am: “Generally speaking, I love racing, but every time I arrive at Mugello and put on my helmet, I get a unique feeling. I am always delighted to go out on the track. And, when I get into the car with a smile on my face, I am sure to be very quick. That’s my trick”. 

    Henrik Kamstrup, runner-up Coppa Shell Am: “This was a very eventful race, marked by a few contacts, in which we saw several drivers lap really fast. In short, an intense and enjoyable race”.

    Andreas König, third place Coppa Shell Am: “The Mugello circuit is stunning, and Race-2 was both wonderful and tough. The tyres overheated straight away, and it wasn’t easy to manage them, but I really enjoyed myself”.