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    Driver comments from the Trofeo Pirelli Race-2 podium at Mugello

    Driver comments from the Trofeo Pirelli Race-2 podium at Mugello

    Mugello 27 ottobre 2023

    The final race of the 2023 Trofeo Pirelli season bears the signature of Thomas Fleming (HR Owen - FF Corse) as he beat Bence Valint (Rossocorsa - Ferrari Budapest) and Eliseo Donno (Radicci Automobili), who became the series champion in the first race held on Saturday at the Mugello circuit. In the Am class, Yudai Uchida (Rosso Scuderia) took the win, while the podium was rounded out by Marco Zanasi (CDP - Pinetti Motorsport), second, and Mohamed Hamdy (Ezz Elarab Automotive Company), third.

    Thomas Fleming, Trofeo Pirelli winner

    Bence Valint, Trofeo Pirelli runner-up: “It was a great race, from the first to the last lap, where everyone improved. The tyre pressure was different for each car and the gap also increased and decreased based on the class it belonged to. I really enjoyed the race, even though it was very demanding; the pace on the track was good so I’m happy and I think I’m ready for the Finali Mondiali on Sunday.”

    Eliseo Donno, Trofeo Pirelli third place: “I’m still happy because yesterday we won the championship and we knew that today would be a ‘conservative’ race also for the car. At the start I found myself sandwiched between two cars and I took my foot off the accelerator, precisely because I wanted to look after the car. A positive note was the fastest lap, a sign that the car is performing well: this is important because we also have to be fast during the Finali Mondiali on Sunday.”

    Yudai Uchida, Trofeo Pirelli Am winner

    Marco Zanasi, Trofeo Pirelli Am runner-up: “A very hotly contested race and it couldn’t have been otherwise given the weather conditions. At the start I took the first corner as best I could and the manoeuvre allowed me to recover something, but in the end I lost ground when the Safety Car came out. At the restart I regained my position and then luckily the race ended with the red flag, keeping the result the way it was”.