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    Driver comments after Race 1 at Imola

    Imola 29 ottobre 2022

    An intense first day at Imola where the first races of the weekend were held, including the final rounds of the European and North American series as well as the fourth round of the Asia Pacific championship.

    Doriane Pin, winner Trofeo Pirelli Europe

    Luka Nurmi, runner-up in Trofeo Pirelli Europe: “It is fantastic to race on this historic circuit, it is complicated but a lot of fun. I came second and I am satisfied with my race. I showed very good pace, I feel in good shape and now my goal is to win the Finali Mondiali.”

    John Wartique, third in Trofeo Pirelli Europe: “Qualifying didn't go so well, there was a lot of traffic on the track, but I realised I was able to keep a good pace. In fact, by making the most of a few situations at the start, I was able to reach third place straight away. I think my pace was faster than Luka Nurmi’s and maybe I could have achieved one position more, but at one point in the race my brakes started overheating and so I had to slow things down a bit. To be honest, I find it quite tough to overtake at Imola. But let’s look on the bright side: yet another podium and runner- up spot in the championship secured. Tomorrow I will try to give my best in qualifying to get a better place, also in view of the Finali Mondiali: I still have hopes of winning it.”

    Nicolò Rosi, Trofeo Pirelli Am winner Europe

    Claus Zibrandtsen, runner-up in Trofeo Pirelli Am Europe: “It was an exciting day, especially after the recent unlucky period. Everything went perfectly in today’s race, so I can be very satisfied. I hope to continue in the same way tomorrow.”

    Arno Dahlmeyer, third in Trofeo Pirelli Am Europe: “I actually wasn’t expecting any good results today, so I am really very happy about the podium. I would have liked to start from a position further ahead, but qualifying was not perfect. I raced with my head, stayed focused and simply aimed at finishing the race, without making mistakes so as not to accumulate any penalties. This strategy paid off, putting me on the third step of the podium. Now I will think about tomorrow.”

    Roman Ziemian, winner of Coppa Shell Europe

    Franz Engstler, runner-up in Coppa Shell Europe: “It was quite a difficult race for me. At the start Roman Ziemian pushed really hard while I didn't react immediately and only started pushing at the end of the first lap! At that stage Axel Sartingen had also managed to overtake me. Then, again Axel had some problems and I managed to get back to second place: I tried to catch Roman but by then he was too far away. Anyway, runner-up is very good for me.”

    Axel Sartingen, third in Coppa Shell Europe: “I got off to a good start but then on lap 10 the car started to experience some issues, I realised I had some suspension problems and so I decided to slow down, especially whilst cornering, to not take too many risks. Obviously, having slowed down, I left the field open to Franz Engstler who was able to overtake me easily. Fortunately, there was a very wide gap between the top three of us and the rest of the group and so I was able to finish in third place. Too bad! Let’s hope things go better tomorrow.”

    Peter Christensen winner of Coppa Shell Am Europe

    Alexander Nussbaumer, runner-up of Coppa Shell Am Europe: “It turned out to be a very safe race. I couldn't catch Martinus Richter because we had the same speed, which made it completely pointless to try any risky manoeuvres to overtake him, so I did my best to hold my position. I congratulate him on his win and I feel satisfied with my runner-up spot. The car is in perfect condition and I am now ready for tomorrow’s race as well.”
    Herdt-Wipper third in Coppa Shell Am Europe: “I was a bit worried at the beginning, it was going to be a tough race because everyone was extremely fast. So I am very satisfied with my third place and will now focus on tomorrow’s race. It is always exciting to race here at Imola.”

    Manny Franco, winner of Trofeo Pirelli North America

    Roberto Perrina, runner-up of Trofeo Pirelli North America: “I can’t be anything but happy with this runner-up spot after everything that happened before the race: we had problems with the car and I finished qualifying in sixth place, so it couldn’t have gone any better than this. What’s more, it is doubly exciting as my family has Italian origins and they are here to support me today. Then for me it is the first time at Imola and the first time at the Finali Mondiali.”

    Joseph Rubbo, third in Trofeo Pirelli North America: “I am very satisfied, also because qualifying had gone quite badly, as I was in tenth place on the grid. However, everything was different in the race. I raced hard until I got word from the pits, over the radio, that I had reached third place with two laps to go. I thought & thank God' because I had given everything to turn around the bad performance in qualifying. And when I think about the position I started from, I have to be really satisfied, in fact it’s fantastic.”

    Custodio Toledo winner of Trofeo Pirelli Am North America

    Dylan Medler, second in Trofeo Pirelli Am North America: “I am really excited: being here in Italy, at Imola, driving a Ferrari... And then, of course, I’m delighted to be on the podium.”

    Dave Musial JR, third in Trofeo Pirelli Am North America: “I am really happy to be here at Imola and also about the way that the race went. I started from fourth place and finished third: I couldn’t be happier also because I'm still in the running for the championship: so tomorrow I’ll try to be even more competitive and clinch the title.

    Michael Petramalo Coppa Shell winner North America 

    Omar Balkissoon, runner-up of Coppa Shell North America: “It is fantastic to race at this historic and magical track, so much so that I had to pinch myself as I couldn't believe it was real. I enjoyed racing with all these other really good drivers today and I am happy with my result.”

    Brian Kaminskey, third in Coppa Shell North America: “I am honoured to be here in Italy and also to be on the podium at Imola is a dream come true.”

    Rey Acosta, third in Coppa Shell Am North America: “The first time I came here to Imola was a couple of weeks ago to train and it is incredible to race at this extraordinary circuit, so rich in history. Today’s win was fantastic, I worked hard to recover at turns 5 and 6 and in the end I did it.”

    Nobuhiro Imada, winner of Trofeo Pirelli Am Asia Pacific: “Thank you all! It is very nice to race alongside the European drivers at difficult circuits like Mugello and Imola. I am very happy with this victory. For tomorrow, we will try to improve in qualifying and I hope to be back on the top step of the podium again.”

    Yudai Uchida, runner-up of Trofeo Pirelli Am Asia Pacific: “I am relieved to have finished the race. The car ran the way I wanted it to and I was able to pass the cars in front of me, eventually coming up right behind Mr. Imada. However, I could not overtake him. However, I am satisfied with the race today.”

    Kanji Yagura, winner of Coppa Shell Asia Pacific: “Being a late October race, starting at 16:00, we expected a different temperature. Instead it was a hot race like summer and it got very tough. Fortunately I took pole position and managed to win. I will try hard tomorrow as well.”

    Kazuyuki Yamaguchi, runner-up of Coppa Shell Asia Pacific: “This track is not easy to overtake. I could have competed under the braking, but I didn't push 100% because I didn't want to crash. I finished the race safely and will come back stronger tomorrow.”

    Eric Cheung, third in Coppa Shell Asia Pacific: “I think that if I had qualified better, I would have achieved a better result. Although I feel exhausted, I am satisfied with my result.”

    Baby Kei, winner of Coppa Shell Am Asia Pacific: “It is my first time at Imola. The circuit is very tough and requires a lot of concentration. Overtaking is equally difficult. I am very happy with this victory and I will try to enjoy it again tomorrow.”

    Shigeru Kamiue, runner-up of Coppa Shell AM Asia Pacific: “It was a great pleasure to be able to drive here at the traditional Imola circuit. I spun a little after the car in front of me crashed. As a result, my race didn’t go as planned. I am a bit disappointed but I will do my best for tomorrow.”