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    Coppa Shell, Race-1 comments

    Monza 10 aprile 2021

    The world’s only suspended podium at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza hosted the Coppa Shell drivers at the end of the weekend's first race. We heard from the drivers who occupied the second and third step of the podium alongside the winners James Weiland and Giuseppe Ramelli.

    Christian Kinch, runner-up Coppa Shell: “I’m thrilled with this second place: I had an excellent start and kept up a good pace throughout the race, so I'm delighted. A few good passes, then Axel was unlucky at the first corner. In short, everything went well. We didn’t have any incidents, and I managed the race well. Monza always treats me well: it's my favourite circuit!”

    Ernst Kirchmayr, third place Coppa Shell: “Happy? More or less... I had finished second in qualifying and was leading the race, but James Weiland did really well to pass me. Then, between one challenge and another, I finally managed to grab the podium. I can’t say I’m happy, but it’s okay: it’s a podium finish at Monza, so it’s a great start. I just think I could have done better”.

    Willem Van Der Vorm, second place Coppa Shell Am: “An unexpected result, I’m delighted. I started from the back and knew I would have a lot of work to do during the race. I rolled up my sleeves and eventually managed to clinch second place in class. I’m really thrilled with what I managed to do. Obviously, I have to thank my coach and my whole team. They worked hard to prepare the car after the problems we experienced in qualifying and did everything they could to help me reach the podium”.