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    Comments from the race 1 podium at SUGO

    Sugo 06 agosto 2023

    Race 1, Round 5 of the 2023 Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Japan secured the championship of Yudai Uchida, Eric Lo, Michale Choi and Masato Yoneoka. Hosted by the inspiring SUGO track, 15 cars battled intense summer heat of 34⁰C

    Yudai Uchida, first classified Trofeo Pirelli: Today's conditions on track were incredibly challenging due to the heat. This meant tyre management was important, and I had to adjust driving style in order to protect the tyres throughout the race. I took the opportunity early on to take full throttle, however I had to ease off through the corners in order to preserve the grip later in the race. Tackling the course, I could still feel as if I was competing against unseen forces. Setting a goal was a driving factor in this race, as it’s ultimately a battle of self-discipline and the commitment to stay focused on that purpose.

    Eric Lo, first classified Trofeo Pirelli am: I came to practice on this course in June because I knew it was going to be a challenging race. After talking with my team, I decided my strategy would be to stay safe and play the long game- my goal was to secure the championship, which was only 10 points away.  My competitors were tough though; in the first 10 laps my opponents in the same class outran me. But I persevered and eventually gained ground as the race went on.

    Michael Choi, first classified Coppa Shell: The best part was having a strong qualify time and with two cars behind me I was able to take full advantage of the room I had to drive on my own. The good thing then was that with the others competitors fighting with each other I had a lot of space to just follow the driver in front. For the first few laps I was fine tuning my driving style, the tyres were in a strong condition I felt I could push harder for the last stages. It was my first time racing on such an interesting track with ups and downs and although I had the chance to practice on the course the previous day. In terms of preparation I believe I covered all grounds and all went well in the end.

    Masato Yoneoka,first classified Coppa Shell Am: It was an interesting race - a pole-to-win feat that featured a lot of passing and overtaking - making it a captivating spectacle for fans. I was initially intimidated by the narrow course, but thanks to my coach's detailed advice for each corner and his help with the mental side of things, I was able to take the checkered flag.

    06 agosto, 2023