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    2020 CHALLENGE EUROPE  SEASON REVIEW: Old and new faces

    Maranello 28 gennaio 2021

    Some old and new faces from the Ferrari Challenge competed on the Barcelona track in an ideal dress rehearsal for the Formula 1 GP. In the Trofeo Pirelli, Thomas Neubauer set the pace for Emanuele Maria Tabacchi and a speedy Fabienne Wohlwend with a commanding one-two. In the AM, Frederik Paulsen presented the biggest challenge to Matús Vyboh who, despite his three wins in four races, was only one point ahead of the Dane. Ernst Kirchmayr and Roger Grouwels continued their hard-fought duel in the Coppa Shell. However, James Weiland disrupted their plans with a first and second place. “Alex Fox” instead claimed both his first victory in the AM and the championship lead, taking advantage of a difficult weekend for Simoncic. Dusan Palcr also finished on the top step of the podium.