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    2020 CHALLENGE EUROPE  SEASON REVIEW: Another warm-up for F1

    Another warm-up for F1

    Maranello 04 febbraio 2021

    Coincidentally, the Portimão races also preceded the Portuguese Formula 1 Grand Prix, which marked the Ferrari Challenge’s return to the circuit for the first time since 2014. Emanuele Maria Tabacchi still made the difference but reaped less than he sowed, leaving space for John Wartique, on his return to the series. Olivier Grotz and Frederik Paulsen shared the victories in the two Trofeo Pirelli AM races, while Matús Vyboh failed to exploit the potential he showed on this track.

    However, Roger Grouwels enjoyed a perfect weekend, dominating the Coppa Shell ahead of his main rival Ernst Kirchmayr. At the same time, Corinna Gostner put on a show, mounting the podium after a very tough battle with Fons Scheltema. The AM class also saw thrills and excitement, in particular on Sunday when “Boris Gideon” claimed his first one-make victory, while “Alex Fox” consolidated his championship lead.