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    Super GT - The LM Corsa Ferrari on track in Thailand

    05 ottobre 2016

    Chang, 4 October 2016 - As 2016 season moves into the last phase of battles, the Buriram Super GT Race will be held at Chang International Circuit, in Thailand on October 8 and 9. With only three races remaining in the season (two races are scheduled for the final round in Motegi), the outcome of upcoming Thai race can even decide the destiny of the championship. There is no way for the teams to avoid a battle that heats up even hotter in the tropical land of Thailand. Keep your eyes on not only the title contention but also the intense battles seen all over on the track fighting for even a single point.   The track. Chang International Circuit was built in 2014. It is located in Buriram Province, northeast part of Thailand, and will be hosting a series round of Super GT for the third time this year. The track has three long straights and a wide variety of mid- and high-speed corners on a very flat land with only ten meter of difference in elevation, none like a circuit in Japan. It looks simple, but it is highly recognized by many drivers as more challenging than expected and more fun as you drive on it more. But, being a southern land, heat can be a large enemy. Measures and driving style to ease off the load on the tires as well as engine could be critical in deciding the game in the race in Thailand.   Ferrari crew. The usual Ferrari crew will be racing in the GT300 class. Driving the LM Corsa Ferrari 488 GT3 will be Akihiro Tsuzuki and Morio Nitta that will try to find a place in the top five in what should be a very good track for their car.