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    Super GT - The Ferrari of Inging&Arnage Racing on track at Suzuka

    24 agosto 2017

    Suzuka, 24 August 2017 – The Super GT championship is making its sixth stop of the season at Suzuka on Sunday.   Legendary track. The race will take place on one of the most important circuits in Japan, famous for its eight-shape layout. It has host a great part of the story of Formula 1 between 1987 and 2000, was written. High humidity rate is expected with temperatures of around 30°. However the chance of having rain on track is as high as 40% so a crazy race cannot be excluded in advance.   GT 300. In GT 300 class the Inging & Arnage Racing team Ferrari 488 GT3 will be competing in the hands of Akihiro Tsuzuki and Morio Nitta. The first Prancing Horse car to win in the Mie Prefecture circuit was, in 1994, an F40 of Team Strandell driven by Anders Olofsson and Luciano Della Noce. Eleven years later the 360 Modena of Jim Gainer team won the GT300 class in the Super GT Race thanks to Tetsuya Tanaka and Paolo Montin.