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    Penalty for Abril, AF Corse makes an appeal

    Barcelona 02 novembre 2020

    The 2020 International GT Open, which should have concluded yesterday in Barcelona, will experience a delay before the 2020 season’s title winners are declared.

    At the end of Race 2, as the Ferrari crew of Prette-Abril took runner-up spot with the Monegasque driver at the wheel, race stewards imposed a sanction which dropped the AF Corse crew ten places, handing the title to Miguel Ramos and Henrique Chaves. AF Corse subsequently filed an appeal against the decision, adding to the one already presented by Teo Martín Motorsport after Race 1 against the penalty imposed on Louis Prette. This had relegated the driver from third to fourth position after the Italian had overtaken Chaves, which was deemed insufficient by the McLaren team.

    The results remain temporary until the final ruling from the sport’s governing body is announced.