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    Ledogar, aiming to win while having fun

    Maranello 25 maggio 2021

    Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 #51 got the season underway with a fourth place Pro class finish in the GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup at Monza. Taking turns at the wheel of the Ferrari alongside reigning champion Alessandro Pier Guidi, are Danish driver Nicklas Nielsen and Côme Ledogar. On the eve of the Circuit Paul Ricard 1000 Km we met up with the talented Frenchman who, amid expectation and emotion, tells us of his hopes for 2021.

    You are tackling your first season flanked by two official Ferrari drivers. What do you feel and what are your expectations?

    “The sensations are excellent because we will all be rowing in the same direction, ready to fight for victory. We’ve got the team. We’ve got the drivers. Everything is fantastic. I feel very confident and I’ve got high expectations.”

    You started racing with Alessandro Pier Guidi on the Paul Ricard circuit and helped him win the championship. Is this the starting point for the season?

    “In a certain sense, yes, because having already worked with these people means that we are not really starting from scratch. At the end of the day, we had a lot of fun together, but it's easy to have fun when you have such a strong team-mate - it's great working with this team and such a fantastic car. I've been racing in GTE or the Asian Le Mans Series for two years and have so much fun with this car that I wouldn't want to drive any other kind at this point in my career. I'm really happy.”

    You’ve anticipated my question: in the Asian Le Mans Series you showed that you are able to make a difference with this car. Which are the characteristics of the 488 GTE or the GT3 that best suit your driving style?

    “The two cars have the same DNA. It is a truly reliable and easy car to drive for a "gentleman", and that’s the most important thing. In the past I have driven many mid-engined cars and in the 488 I found the same set-up, albeit an improved one. What I mean is that this is a racing car that adapts itself to my persona rather than a particular driving style, but quite simply because I just love driving these cars: whether it's a GTE or a GT3, I can relate to them and appreciate their DNA.”

    Last year you got your first ever Hyperpole at Le Mans: do you ever think back to that performance?

    “No, to tell the truth, I prefer to think more about the upcoming races. I have to be honest: it was, without doubt, my best moment; the one I that I have the most fond memory of. Pole position is always something special, but I’m also aware how difficult it is to replicate. That’s why I don't think about it much and I prefer to think about when I will get back in a GT3 or GTE again, because I thoroughly enjoy the fun of driving. It was certainly a good moment and a great race too, but in general there are many magical moments that I have shared with the other drivers and the whole team: I should say that this is exactly why I’ve been with Ferrari for two years. The car is fantastic, but the support from the team has also been great and that’s something really important. Especially when you are a newcomer, you need someone to make sure that the car is perfectly suited to you: and I met the right people who made that happen.”

    Do you feel any pressure racing alongside the defending champion?

    “No, because I know this championship very well; I’ve been racing for many years and I know perfectly well that one day you win, while another you don’t have time to keep up the pressure and commitments of the next race. These wins are so hard to achieve that you have to make the most of them, but at the same time start thinking about the coming race. Because if you let yourself go and allow any time for hesitation, you just find yourself wasting time: and I have some time, but not as much as in the past. The team helps me to cope with the pressure a lot, they are very experienced people. You have to stay very focused and leave no room for any doubt.”

    What are your goals this season? For both you personally and for the team.

    “The answer is simple when racing with a Ferrari: to win.”