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    Hour 8  Ferrari Regains Ground

    28 gennaio 2018

    Daytona, 27 Jan 2018 – As night has worn on at the Daytona International Speedway, the forecasted rain has begun to fall in small bursts of precipitation.  Nothing, however, seems to be able to break the nearly five-hour long green flag period that has been the race’s main hallmark thus far.  In GT-Daytona, the No. 64 leads the Ferrari challenge, with an excellent drive by Sam Bird to bring the car to 8th in class.  The car is now being driven by Townsend Bell.  He leads the No. 51 Sprit of Race entry, both of which are on the lead lap in class.  The No. 63 suffered a problem and has dropped to 18th in class, but has recovered nicely with Alessandro Balzan behind the wheel while the No. 82 is still working to recover the time lost due to an earlier problem.   GTLM.  Davide Rigon has taken over in the No. 62 car from Alessandro Pier Guidi, however the stop was enough to put the 488 GTE one lap down from the leading Fords.