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    Helmet Story: Olivier Beretta

    Maranello 26 maggio 2020

    The theme around which Olivier Beretta's helmet was conceived referred to one of his idols and his country's flag.

    The Monegasque driver first used this design in 1986 and has continued with it, with minor adjustments, down to today. From karts to Formula 3, from Formula 3000 to Formula 1 to the GT world, Beretta's helmet has stayed true to its original colour scheme.

    The colours have been the same since 1986”, says Olivier. “They are yellow, red and white even though some years the red has turned fluorescent orange”.

    His choice of colours is rooted in a deep bond with his country of origin, Monte-Carlo, whose flag is in red and white, and in his admiration for Ayrton Senna, whose yellow helmet with blue and green stripes has always appealed to the Monegasque driver. “Yellow has accompanied me from the start because I liked Ayrton and his helmet could be identified by that colour. Then I chose red, from the flag of Monte-Carlo, and white which is my country's other colour”.

    This design has remained true to itself down the years. “My helmet design has hardly changed because I like it and try to introduce only a few modifications from season to season. The layout has stayed the same, as have the colours because I still believe in them today”.

    26 maggio, 2020