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    Helmet Story: Miguel Molina

    Maranello 19 maggio 2020

    The design of a driver's helmet sometimes evolves while in other cases it hardly changes from the outset. The latter is the philosophy followed by Miguel Molina for the design of his helmet, substantially unchanged since he took his first steps in karting.

    The design of my helmet, since my first kart race, is the one I still use today, especially the three main colours - blue, fuchsia and white - which I have used since my debut”. Miguel designed the graphics himself, but didn't base them on any particular helmet. “At the time, there was no helmet I liked in particular, and I was never inspired by the ones worn by famous drivers for mine. In creating the design, I took some ideas from what I saw on kart tracks, but nothing in particular. The only thing that  mattered to me was the colour of the top of the shell, which had to be white to stand out more on the track”.

    Throughout his career, the Spaniard has had to revise the design of his helmet depending on the team's main sponsor, while maintaining certain reference points such as the white shell. “That part of the helmet has never changed, while I decided to replace the fuchsia with red to try and blend it better with the new colours. However, this choice was short-lived as I went back to fuchsia”.

    Since last year, Miguel has been using matt paint for his helmet instead of the traditional gloss. This choice draws on the past but satisfies the Spanish driver. “I had already used a matt helmet in 2010, and I loved it at the time. Two years ago, with the guys from Bell, I decided to re-adopt this kind of paint, and I have to say that I love the final result, so much so that I think I will keep it for the future”.

    19 maggio, 2020