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    Helmet story: Daniel Serra

    Maranello 28 aprile 2020

    In the course of their careers, drivers regularly change the design of their helmets, introducing new colour combinations or graphic motifs. Daniel Serra, however, has always remained faithful to his design.

    "I've been using the same concept since 2001", explains the driver from Sao Paulo. "Although this year I decided to change the colour of the lines from black to red". The official Ferrari Competizioni GT driver chose a basic scheme of white background, red lines and small areas in shades of grey to distinguish it. He came up with the design himself.

    "There's no real story behind this layout," says Serra. "Simply one day I decided I wanted a distinctive design for my helmet and I started to design it, before finalising it with the help of a professional designer in Brazil". Clear ideas lie behind the creative choices, reflecting the character of the Brazilian, a man who seems to go for substance. "I like a simple design that makes the helmet easy to remember. That's why I chose just a few lines and colours for mine".

    Previously the two-time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans had used the same livery as his father, Chico Serra. "In the early days, I competed with a helmet that looked like my father's, but with different colours. I used yellow and blue, and he used white and blue."

    28 aprile, 2020