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    The protagonists of the 3 Hours of Monza share their thoughts

    Monza 18 aprile 2021

    An intriguing race, full of twists and turns throughout the three hours of racing at the Monza circuit. At the end of the race, we gathered the comments from some of the protagonists.

    Callum Ilott, Iron Lynx #71:I really enjoyed it. The start of the race was not easy because I had never driven this car in the wet before. I started slow and it took a few laps to speed up, which caused me to drop a few positions. Once I started getting used to it, a Full Course Yellow arrived. In the pits, the mechanics decided to switch to slicks even though conditions weren’t yet ideal - quite the contrary in fact. Sector 1 and sector 2 were wet, while in the third the track was dry. Gradually our tyres began working better than the rain tyres and so we were able to start a fine comeback as far as third position. It was fun to get back into the group even though it was a very hard test to be able to pass two or four cars every lap and battle alongside knowing that there was no margin of error. It was a lovely experience. I didn't think I would be able to do such a test and I can't wait to get back on track for another race.”

    Davide Rigon, Iron Lynx #71: “I made a good start, but at the first corner I chose to position myself behind the Porsche which unexpectedly braked hard, slowing me down. The Audi took advantage of this situation and overtook me and I dropped a position. I knew the pace of the car was good and that’s why I didn't want to take too many risks. Unfortunately, the opponents had better power on the straight, while we were stronger on the corners and at braking. Then it started raining and despite having slick tyres, I was pretty fast in the wet. However, overtaking was not easy, because there was only one dry line and it was very risky to go outside the line. There was a bit of confusion and the stewards decided on a Full Course Yellow. I don't know if the decision was right. I was certainly faster on a wet track. I am happy with the strategy. The driver change went very well and Callum did an excellent job. It wasn't easy for him because it was his first time in the wet. We have shown that we can handle it and are able to be among the frontrunners. I am also very happy with Antonio Fuoco’s performance who finished off the race well. I am very pleased to be part of this team. We can come away with a positive balance sheet. Winning would have been better, but in the end we go home with a podium and a lot of points. We hope to improve ahead of the forthcoming races.”

    Antonio Fuoco, Iron Lynx #71:There is a bit of regret about what happened in the end because we had problems with the lapped drivers who made us lose time. Overall we had a good race and both of the team cars held good pace and that's what counts. It was important to get as many points as possible because it was the shortest race in the championship. Now let's think about the next scheduled race at Paul Ricard. The first part of the stint was difficult as the track was drying while in some places it was still raining. However, the balance remains very positive.”

    Eddie Cheever III, Sky Tempesta Racing #93: “Too bad, because we could have done better but the rain came at the wrong time. If it had arrived during the second stint, with Chris driving, it would have been easier because he has more experience with this kind of tyre and on this track. Stefan did really well to get the car back into the pits after the spin. We have taken the points and that is the important thing. Luckily it was a three-hour race and not a six or twelve-hour race which are higher points scoring. Hopefully we can improve at Paul Ricard. The car was fine. It is a pity.”