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    FFSA - Ferrari wins at Nogaro with Duqueine and CMR

    29 marzo 2016

    Maranello, 29 March 2016 - Ferrari and two of its customer teams dominated the first two races of the French GT Championship that took place at the traditional Coupes de Paques meeting. Maranello monopolised the podium, also winning both events in the Gentlemen's category. Race-1. On Sunday, in the first race the car of Duqueine Engineering emerged victorious with Christophe Hamon, Christian Bottemanne and Lonni Martins, ahead of two cars of Classic&Modern Racing by Sport Garage, no. 9 crewed by Laurent Pasquali, Nicolas Tarfid and Soheil Ayari and no. 7 of Sylvain Debs, Eric Mouez and David Loger who also triumphed in the Gentlemen's class. Race-2. On Monday, in the second race CMR by Sport Garage won all three podium finishes. Victory went to Romain Brandela, Paul Lamic and Arno Santamato ahead of Pasquali-Tardif-Ayari and Debs-Mouez-Loger who again triumphed in the Gentlemen's class. The next race is in Ledenon on 4 and 5 June.