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    Ferrari show in Riyadh

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 24 novembre 2019

    A great spectacle and lots of excitement are in store for the public at the Ferrari Motorsport Festival in Riyadh, an event that takes place within the context of the Riyadh Car Show. On Sunday and Monday afternoons, the cars and single-seaters of Attività Sportive GT will descend on an artificially illuminated track specially built for the occasion. A dream line-up awaits, including the 488 GTEs and GT3s that compete in GT championships around the world and the 488 Challenges that appear in the one-make series in Europe, America and Asia. There will also be four cars from the XX Programmes: two FXX-K Evos, one FXX Evo and one 599XX Evo. Of course, the F60s will be there: these F1 Clienti cars will star in an exhibition on Monday.