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    Ferrari first at Half-Way Point in Daytona

    Daytona 28 gennaio 2024

    After an opening hour marked by yellow flags, the 2024 edition of the 24 Hours at Daytona has given way to extended green flag running, that was only recently punctuated by another full course caution, pausing competition over the half-way mark. The five Ferraris competing in the first 24 hour race of 2024 have largely benefitted from these extended green flag sessions, steadily moving forward and established themselves as leading contenders in their categories.

    GTD Pro. Alessandro Pier Guidi leads the GTD Pro category in the No. 62 Risi Competizione Ferrari 296 GT3, having completed over 1,200 miles so far. After an early miscue in a pit stop, the Ferrari has spent the first half of the 24 hour contest surging back through the field. Credit for the effort can mostly be attributed to Daniel Serra who started the race and also took several lengthy stints behind the wheel. Davide Rigon shared in the duties as well and as the clock ticked closer to the half-way mark, James Calado also took his turn behind the wheel and created a gap as large as 17 seconds to the following competitors, before pit stops and this caution period brought the Ferrari back towards the rest of the pack.

    GTD. Meanwhile in GTD, the no. 47 Cetilar Racing Ferrari 296 GT3 leads the Ferrari charge, and currently sits in 4th in that category. Giorgio Sernagiotto is currently behind the wheel, having worked to complete much of his drive time in the opening half of the race. He shares the car with Antonio Fuoco, Roberto Lacorte, and Eddie Cheever III, the latter of whom also took significant time behind the wheel in the opening running. The remaining Ferraris were shuffled back during that caution period as they took advantage of the caution period to duck into the pits for service. Onofrio Triarsi leads that group in the 023 Ferrari, a car he shares with Charles Scardina, Riccardo Agostini and Alessio Rovera, currently in 8th. Ferrari factory driver Miguel Molina is ninth at the helm of the no. 21 AF Corse Ferrari 296, while Albert Costa currently mans the no. 34 Conquest Racing Ferrari 296, currently in 14th.