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    Drivers’ comments post Super Pole

    Spa-Francorchamps 23 ottobre 2020

    In weather conditions not exactly favourable for the 488 GT3 Evo 2020, the Super Pole once again offered an exciting spectacle. The session’s competitors, Alessandro Pier Guidi, Davide Rigon and Tom Blomqvist, gave their immediate thoughts.

    Alessandro Pier Guidi, AF Corse no. 51: “Maybe I could have done better on lap one because I lost a tenth at Eau Rouge, but I preferred to be conservative concerning the track limit at Eau Rouge even though I think the choice made for the rest of the track wasn’t the right one. In the second attempt, I did better in the first sector, but then the tyres lost their effectiveness, and I couldn’t replicate the times. In the end, I think I did pretty well, and we are in a good position. If I’d risked it all, I could have fought for fourth place, but there was no way I could have taken pole position. For the race, we hope to be competitive even though a lot will depend on the weather because, if it rains, the track doesn’t dry easily. It stays wet, too wet to use slicks”.

    Tom Blomqvist, HubAuto no. 27: “The team did an incredible job after deciding to change the engine after last night’s free practice session. The propulsion unit arrived today at lunchtime, and so the team had a difficult task on their hands to make it possible for us to take part in the Super Pole. It wasn’t an easy session because I was first on the track with tarmac we knew would dry. I am happy with my performance and how the car behaved, and also with the result because the conditions weren’t good for us. It’s a long race, and I think this will help us improve".

    Davide Rigon, SMP Racing no. 72: “A very unusual Super Pole, also due to the decision about the track limits, which I don’t much agree with because safety is at stake. Unfortunately, on the second attempt, I tried to demand a little bit more of the car than on lap one when I was already at the limit, but I couldn’t find the grip I needed, so I lost the rear a little. I am satisfied with my first time. I’d say it was hard to do better because I took advantage of everything the car gave me. We were happier with the balance of the car in the dry, but we struggle in the wet, as we saw yesterday. It will be a very long race, so today’s result isn't going to demoralise us”.