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    Drivers' comments in LMGTE Am class

    Austin 24 febbraio 2020

    The Lone Star Le Mans didn't bring much joy for the Ferrari crews in the LMGTE Am, although the fourth-place finish gave Nielsen-Perrodo-Collard the lead in the standings. Nicklas Nielsen spoke about the race on behalf of his AF Corse crewmates: "I'm delighted with my last three stints. The car behaved very well, and I thought that in the end, I'd have the chance to pass the Porsche, even though unfortunately that's not what happened. It was a very tough fight and thus a positive result, especially from a championship perspective. I remain optimistic, and I think the most important thing is the way the team works and how the car behaves on the track".

    Francesco Castellacci, seventh together with his crewmates Flohr and Fisichella, offered another perspective: "The race was pretty tough for us. In the early stages, we lost a little bit of ground on the leading cars that we were unable to make up, even though we gave our best".

    Bonamy Grimes expressed satisfaction, commenting on what he considered was the best race of the season: "We had an excellent race, no mistakes. We enjoyed a great qualifying and reaped what we sowed on that occasion. We mustn't forget that this is our first season in the world championship, so the fact that we are improving race-by-race is important to us".

    Olivier Beretta preferred to see a glass half full after an outing that ended way off the podium: "I'm very happy about Alessandro [Pier Guidi, ed.] and James's [Calado, ed.] third in the Pro class. It's always lovely to see a Ferrari on the podium. We had a decent race affected by the penalty imposed on Motoaki [Ishikawa, ed.] in the early stages. Otherwise, it was a pretty good weekend. We didn't have any reliability problems, and all the cars made it to the finish line".