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    Comments from Pier Guidi and Calado at the end of the 8 Hours of Bahrain

    Sakhir 15 dicembre 2019

    Victory slipped from Alessandro Pier Guidi and James Calado’s grasp despite their fighting a tenacious and high-level race. The 2017 world champions put in an excellent performance even with an unplanned pit-stop and various minor problems.

    Alessandro Pier Guidi: "Unfortunately, it didn't end as we had hoped and expected. I think both James and I had a good race. We prepared very well on the simulator and improved the car in all sessions, working very well. Unfortunately, we didn't make the most of a Full Course Yellow and lost more points. Today, victory was within reach, so I am disappointed with a fourth-place finish. We'll try again in Texas even though it's a really uphill battle for the championship".

    James Calado: "It was a difficult race, and we can say that we missed out on another victory. We made a mistake during a Full Course Yellow that we could have handled better by changing tyres and driver, but the puncture forced us to make an extra stop and make up one minute on the leaders. We finished the race 25 seconds behind the winner, so I am sure that we did have a chance of victory also despite electrical problems during the race that caused a few gearbox malfunctions.