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    Comments after Race-2 at Zolder

    Zolder 08 agosto 2021

    Red Bull AlphaTauri AF Corse’s record in the DTM has not gone unnoticed, with five podiums in six races, four of them earned by Lawson, embellished by the victory in the opening round at Monza. The same goes for the performance of the two drivers Liam Lawson and Alex Albon, who also put in a strong performance in Race-2 at Zolder. For Lawson, third place only partly mitigated the disappointment of Race-1, while for Albon, sixth place came despite 15kg of ballast after yesterday’s superb podium finish. We heard about the race from the two drivers.

    Liam Lawson “Yes, I think it is normal for a driver to reset and move on when you have these bad days. Obviously, it was extremely disappointing for our championship as well. We lost a lot of points, but you run the risk of that when you qualify at the back as we did.  But to start from where we did and recover for the podium is nice even though I asked too much from my tyres and couldn’t push it to the end for the win. The championship is obviously something we think about, but it is important not to focus entirely on this. Today’s result is good because I gained some of the points I lost yesterday. This year, Kelvin has been extremely consistent, which puts him in the position he is now. I think pace-wise, we are strong, and I think we have a good package, so when we can tidy up on these little things, then for sure we are in a good position to keep fighting for the title”.

    Alex Albon “Yes, it was a better weekend for us. I feel like we had a few missed opportunities though, which is a bit frustrating, but nothing really in our control. So, I am happy with how it went. I think we took a bit of a step forward as well. I feel like I understand the car a bit better. So yes, all good”.