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    Comments after 9 Hours of Kyalami

    After another podium finish and, above all, with another title in the Ferrari trophy cabinet, we heard from the drivers.

    Midrand 05 febbraio 2022

    After another podium finish and, above all, with another title in the Ferrari trophy cabinet, we heard from the drivers.

    Alessandro Pier Guidi, AF Corse Francorchamps Motors number 51: “It has been an extraordinary season, and I think it will be tough to repeat it because, even though it’s now 2022, this result incorporates those of last year. Together with Ferrari and AF Corse, we won everything we could win. I feel bad for Nicklas, who has been racing with us all season, but Ferrari’s choice to split us up was logical to try and double our chances of success. I would like to thank Miguel and Côme for a wonderful race. Today, for the first time, my final stint was uneventful and I was able to manage the lead and the car. The season took the right turn for us at Spa-Francorchamps and, in the end, we won this title thanks to two very good overtakes”.

    Côme Ledogar, AF Corse Francorchamps Motors number 51: “I am delighted, but at the moment I can’t be completely happy because I wish Nicklas was here celebrating this title with us. We know that retirement is part of the game, but we also know that he gave everything to try to win, and this season I got to know him up close and appreciate him a lot. We’re happy, but I miss him right now”.

    Miguel Molina, AF Corse Francorchamps Motors number 51: “Today’s race was tough because the track is very dark, and you have to get used to these light conditions quickly. However, the car performed superbly, and I am happy to have helped Alessandro and Côme win the title. They did a great job. I am very proud of my performance at Kyalami and to have contributed to their success”.

    Nicklas Nielsen, AF Corse Francorchamps Motors number 71: “We were having a very good race, and our pace was really excellent. I am sorry it ended earlier than expected, especially for Alessio and Antonio, who raced extremely well. The problem came on suddenly. I had no traction, but we have to analyse what happened once we get home. However, the season was still positive for me with wins at the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, as well as the title in the FIA WEC”.

    Antonello Coletta, Head of Ferrari Attività Sportive GT: “The Drivers’ title for Alessandro and Côme is the icing on the cake of a memorable season that we can now finally consign to the records as the most successful in our history. It has been a memorable year, which will undoubtedly provide the necessary impetus and motivation for a 2022 that will be crucial for our future. I am delighted for the champions. They deserved the result due to their consistently high level of performance. I am sorry about Nielsen’s retirement, as he was having a great race. However, I was happy to see all our drivers celebrating together what is, to all intents and purposes, our first Intercontinental GT Challenge title. I would also like to mention the one hundred and seventh title for the 488 GT3, obtained in just six years of activity: I think this is a historic result of which we should be proud”.