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    Change in order of arrival at Vallelunga for CIGT Endurance

    La decisione maturata dai commissari sportivi al termine della gara di Vallelunga di penalizzare di 25 secondi la vettura di RS Racing cambia il volto alla classifica Pro e Pro-Am.

    Vallelunga 16 settembre 2019

    The stewards’ decision at the end of the Vallelunga race to inflict a 25-second penalty on the car of RS Racing transformed the Pro and Pro-Am rankings. Daniele Di Amato and Alessandro Vezzoni had suffered a nine-second penalty earlier for an irregular driver change. Then later they were hit with another time penalty for returning to the track under the red light while the race was neutralised. Scuderia Baldini's car was similarly sanctioned but, having been notified during the race, Giancarlo Fisichella simply received a drive-through penalty. In this case, however, the drive-through was converted into 25 seconds that completely redrew the standings. In the overall standings, RS Racing had to cede second position to Scuderia Baldini, while third went to the Ferrari of Rinaldi Racing, which also took first in the Pro-Am class. The 488 GT3 of Di Amato and Vezzoni closed the race in fifth overall, third in the Pro-Am class.