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    Comments after second 4 Hours of Dubai

    Podium and victory for Rinaldi Racing in Dubai

    Dubai 14 febbraio 2021

    Two Ferraris on the podium at the end of a race to remember for Rinaldi Racing. We heard from the drivers shortly after the conclusion of the second 4 Hours of Dubai of the Asian Le Mans Series weekend.

    Christian Hook, Rinaldi Racing: “Patrick had a great stint and, like yesterday due to the cancellation of qualifying times, we had to start on the last row. Manuel made two great starts, gaining many positions in the early laps. We are happy, and these two results are excellent for the team, but we mustn’t let our guard down because race results are always uncertain. We know the Abu Dhabi track well. We also raced there last year, and we are ready and prepared for the next challenge”.

    Davide Rigon, Rinaldi Racing: “A nice podium considering we started from the back, so we welcome the result. We're happy even though it's not great to see the Porsche going so fast. We had a good strategy, and the guys in the pits were great, but when I got behind the leaders, I knew there wasn't much I could do because it didn't make sense to push and risk damaging the car. Therefore, I preferred to save the mechanics for the next race where we hope to continue fighting for the podium”.

    David Perel, Rinaldi Racing: “Today was much better than yesterday. We managed to finish second despite starting from last position. At the end of my two stints, I left the car in third to Rino who did a great job, as did Davide, battling against opponents who were faster yesterday. This means that we improved our setup between the two races. I want to thank Michele Rinaldi to whom I'd like to dedicate this result. Now let's try to do the best we can in the next two races in Abu Dhabi, without thinking about the standings but just trying to mount the podium”.

    Rino Mastronardi, Rinaldi Racing: "I would say that in the end it went very well, both David, Davide and I made a great comeback. Unfortunately we are still a bit far with the Balance of Performance compared to the Porsche, we hope something will change for Abu Dhabi. In the meantime, we have a good result in our bag, despite a very packed grid and very strong rivals. I wouldn't have bet on the podium today, but thanks also to the excellent work of the team we managed it".