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    24H Series - Ferrari wins in Barcelona with Spirit of Race

    06 settembre 2016

    Barcelona, 6 September 2016 - Ferrari left Barcelona very satisfied with a win in the 24 Hours at the Montmelò circuit, the penultimate round of the 24H Series championship. The victory went to the 458 Italia of team Spirit of Race driven by Alexander Coigny, Alexander-David Iradj, Gino Forgione and Tom Dyer. The four triumphed in the A6-Am class, finishing third overall in a race won by the Porsche of Precote Herberth Motorsport, crewed by Renauer-Renauer-Allemann-Bohn.   Bad luck. It wasn't such a good day for the 458 Italia of Scuderia Praha, which was forced to withdraw after being among the leaders. This season seems to be jinxed for Jiri Pisarik, Josef Kral, Matteo Malucelli and Peter Kox who certainly deserved a better result.   Next meeting. The 24H Series championship will back on track for the last time in 2016 at Brno in the Czech Republic in mid-October, for a grand finale that will see the cars competing in another 24 Hour race.