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    24H Series 2016 Season Review - Scuderia Praha cleans up at Brno with the 488 GT3

    06 gennaio 2017

    Maranello, 6 January 2017 - Ferrari customer teams appeared intermittently in the 24H Series championship. The early season was certainly not easy for Scuderia Praha, with their 458 Italia GT3 involved in a crash in the opening round at Dubai and suspended for the Mugello race, where its 488 GT3 was due to debut.   Brno. However, the team basked in victory in the 24 Hours of Brno at the end of the year with Jiri Pisarik, Peter Kox, Josef Kral and Tom Onslow-Cole, at his first race in a Ferrari. The SP2 class in the same race saw a win for the 458 Challenge EVO of RPD Racing, with Matteo Cressoni, Lubomir Jakubik, Gregor Zsigo, Dusan Palcr and Luis Scarpaccio also taking third place overall.   Barcelona. And speaking of victories, the Spirit of Race team triumphed with the 458 Italia GT3 in the 24 Hours of Barcelona crewed by Gino Forgione, Alexandre Coigny, David Iradj Alexander and Tom Dyer.