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    24 Hours of Le Mans, the highlights after sixteen hours

    Le Mans 20 settembre 2020

    The race, now two thirds of the way through, is all set to enter its decisive phase after a tough, dramatic and drama-filled night, from the perspective of each of the different teams involved. The puncture that forced the #71 488 GTE to limp around almost an entire lap and remain in the pits for another three, the withdrawals of the WeatherTech Racing cars and the #75 Iron Lynx, the comeback staged by Luzich Racing and the tenacity of the #51, battling for the victory, are all moments captured in the images that we bring you, together with drivers’ comments from the heat of the action.

    Giancarlo Fisichella, AF Corse # 54: “After two hours we had a particular gearbox issue that saw us drop twelve minutes - basically three full laps. The car is not bad, the times are quite good and I had some good stints. Unfortunately, when I was behind the Aston Martins, both Pro and Am, I had the impression of being up against a different class. The goal is to finish the race, to salvage something and try to finish in the top ten.”

    James Calado, AF Corse # 51: “The Aston Martins are really fast, or at least one of them. What lies ahead will be the most difficult challenge that we have experienced so far. They have a much higher speed than ours on the straight, so we will have to try to be smarter with the strategy and pit stops. We should have a two-lap advantage in terms of fuel but there is still a long way to go before the chequered flag. I have tried to drive avoiding any risks, without using the curbs, sacrificing performance a little so as not to compromise the reliability."

    Emmanuel Collard, AF Corse # 83: "The stint was a good one and we have been very consistent with the pace and we have been able to produce laps of 3’55" - 3’56". If we have to compare ourselves with the Aston Martins, we are slower. We’ll see how things turn out at the end of the race, but they seem to be faster.”