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    24 Hours of Le Mans, symphony of legends

    Maranello 05 agosto 2022

    The score is one of the ingredients contributing to a film’s depth, magic and interest. Sequences of notes and virtuoso progressions on a stave accompany, underline, and elevate instants, dialogues, pauses and actions filmed by the camera. In one of the great endurance racing classics, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a complex and melodically nuanced soundtrack accompanies a week of thrills, hard work, dreams and celebrations, passion and frenzied cheering. Le Mans is magical in all its nuances, even the musical ones, where the roaring of engines, screeching of tyres, whistling of red-hot brakes and the deep bass notes emitted by the gearbox at every downshift punctuate a legendary symphony.

    05 agosto, 2022