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    24 Hours of Le Mans - Car no. 52 battling for the podium

    16 giugno 2018

    Le Mans, 16 June 2018 - The 86th edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours race is in its seventh hour and the Ferraris are fighting, with the cars of AF Corse dogged by bad luck.   GTE-Pro. In the early stages of the race, car no. 51 had climbed to fourth when James Calado suffered a puncture at the Michelin chicane and then had to drive the entire lap at a limited speed. A Safety Car, brought on due to a puncture on a prototype, then broke the race into three sections. Porsche no. 92 led, because it was behind Safety Car A, while all the other GT cars were stuck behind Safety Car B, and car no. 51, delayed by the puncture, was behind the third safety car. Car no. 52, with Antonio Giovinazzi at the wheel, benefited from the situation, to take command of the group that was chasing the leader. At the moment, car no. 52 is seventh in the group fighting for the podium, while car no. 51 has been lapped by the race leader. Car no. 71 found itself with a damaged front splitter probably due to debris and lost a few laps for repairs.   GTE-Am. The 488 GTEs of JMW Motorsport and Spirit of Race are continuing their excellent race in the GTE-Am class. Porsche no. 77 leads the field, while the Ferrari of Jeff Segal, Cooper MacNeil and Liam Griffin is in second. The 488 GTE of Keating Motorsport has climbed into fifth with Jeroen Bleekemolen overtaking Thomas Flohr in the twin car of Spirit of Race. Clearwater Racing's entry is in eighth, while the 488 GTE of MR Racing lost a few laps to a technical problem.