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    1000 Miles of Sebring has started with the Ferrari 488 GTEs

    1000 Miles of Sebring has started with the Ferrari 488 GTEs

    Sebring 17 marzo 2023

    One hour from the start of the Sebring 1000 Mile, three Ferrari 488 GTEs continue the race, the inaugural event of the FIA WEC, after the exit of the No 83 Richard Mille AF Corse's car. Ten minutes after the green flag, the Argentine Luís Pérez Companc, running third, lost control of his Ferrari in turn 1 and ended up against the external barriers. The driver, crewed by Lilou Wadoux and Alessio Rovera, was okay, but that concluded the race ahead of time for that car.

    The race resumed after the entry of the Safety Car which had neutralized the race for 23 minutes, with the No 21 AF Corse car fourth with Stefano Costantini at the wheel, able to maintain their starting position. The other 488 GTE of the same Italian team, No. 54 entrusted to Thomas Flohr at the start, completed the top-5, and has been able to recover five positions in the running order. The Kessel Racing team currently sits eleventh after starting seventh, with the Ferrari number 57 driven by Takeshi Kimura.

    17 marzo, 2023