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June 21, 2009 · Posted by Staff

Silverstone – One thing is certain: this Grand Prix will make history in motorsport and not so much because in theory this was the last race held here at the legendary British circuit, but because FOTA announced a possible new racing series and now the fans are having their say.

The fans are communicating their opinions in many different ways, writing blogs, signing petitions on the internet and sending letters to our and the FOTA’s website.

What the FOTA teams want is clear, they’ve said it more than once: transparent governance, stable rules and a controlled reduction of the costs, balanced by higher earnings. The FOTA press release also opened a whole new important chapter: they want the GPs to be more open for the fans, starting with ticket prices and better access.

And the fans replied en masse: Long live the Championship with more participation, yes to a return to historic circuits, more points for the winner and a return to North America, which are only a few of the issues discussed.

At Silverstone, which could be reconfirmed in the new Championship, there were 100,000 spectators today, the most spectators so far in this year’s Championship, which could become the starting point to  get back to tracks crowded by fans and their families to celebrate a race weekend and motorsport.


  • Sunday, 21 Jun 2009 08:53
    by milanek
    I want classic circuits and cheaper prices and please rebuild A1 ring for all FERRARI funs from czech :)
  • Monday, 22 Jun 2009 06:12
    by Mark Stephens
    Dear Team: you have it correct! The problem with F1 today is that it has priced out the normal racing fan, has actually deleted it's own market share thanks to Bernie and Max and it's a real treat to see Ferrari and the members of FOTA stand up for us normal folks and provide us with what we love and what we want to spend our hard earned dollars on which is true racing. We really look forward to having FOTA on the calendar here in the United States or Canada this coming year and yes I will save for months just to go and support you! I also want to thank Ferrari, Stefano, Luca B, Rob S. Andrea S., Kimi, Felipe, and all of the team for making Father's day here in the United States a great day with Ferrari again fighting for the top spots. For us Ferraristi here, it was a treat! ciao -Mark
  • Monday, 22 Jun 2009 02:17
    by GIna Nadalini
    I totally support you. As a latinamerican Ferrari fan I would also like a race in México (maybe Cancun) where we, centralamerican fans, can easily go. Because Brazil is too far away. And as I said in the forum, I am a pretty good graphic designer and I would love to do the logo for the new championship free of charge, It would be my pleasure. Gina


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