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Motorsport or football...?

February 6, 2008 · Posted by staffFerrari

Dear friends,   I want to benefit from the overall optimistic mood, caused by the extraordinary lap times produced by our cars during the test sessions at the Sakhir circuit, to go back for a second to the question Francesco asked a couple of days ago. Lewis Hamilton has been insulted during testing at the Jerez circuit, which is something that should not be underestimated; especially considering that also in motorsports this is nothing really new. Probably someone amongst you might still remember when stones flew in the direction of Alain Prost at the race track of Monza, when the French driver was battling against Alboreto for the title, or the nails on the roads of the Rally Monte Carlo for the cars competing against the Frenchman Auriol. One might say that it is some sort of widely spread malpractice, but not so much amongst the fans on the Iberian Peninsula, who are (as you can see at the MotoGP and on many other occasions) famous for their fairness and their spontaneous enthusiasm. Despite personal sympathies or antipathies we, as motorsport enthusiasts, have to be indignant about this episode and make it clear that these people are not part of our world. The FIA did well by intervening and considering penalties for the organizers at the Spanish track, if anything like that happens again. I think that this is the only right way to go, to not let what happens in football happen in motorsports; because we absolutely do not need anything like that... Having said that and with the start of the season coming closer, I’d like to announce to you as a premiere a true stunner: from the first GP on Ferrariworld will have a very exclusive envoy at the races: Marc Genè will comment on the race weekends and also tell us about what’s happening behind the scenes in the Paddock! Obviously this is just the beginning of a season, which indicates to be a great one….  


  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:28
    What a great idea to have Marc G cover the races for us! I very much look forward to seeing his reports. As to the Hamilton episode, as you say GP, - nothing new :( I think the FIA were right to issue a warning. It would be tragic to see Spain lose a GP because of a few stupid individuals. Let`s hope the media will allow tempers to cool on both sides (why do I doubt that?) & that F1 doesn`t become as troubled as football has been.
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:28
    I agree that the tactics of a small group of idiots must not become "normal" in F1. I believe that this episode was just a reaction to the McL feud of last year and a once off occurance, or certainly hope so. It would be tragic if there had to be segregation of fans of different teams, as sometimes happens at football matches. All supporters (a very large percentage of whom seem to be dressed in red at any circuit I have visited) can wave flags and wear team colours without suffering anything worse that good natured barracking. Long may it continue.


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