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I hope we end the season in style

August 21, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

The summer break is nearly over and although I’ve had a great time, I am really looking forward to going racing again, starting with Sunday’s Turkish Grand Prix. Of course there is the serious side of trying to win the championships, but I have to say I am also looking forward to the enjoyment of driving a Formula 1 car again. I am in Miami now, having come here from Brazil last Thursday and I will be leaving for Turkey on Tuesday. I’ve had a long weekend here relaxing enjoying the warm climate and doing the usual holiday things, going to the beach. I say relaxing, but I have of course had to think about my fitness and every day, I have been doing a work-out to make sure I stay fit and do not lose condition before the final races of the year. Miami is a popular place for Brazilians, but I have not seen so many this time as August is just a normal working month back home: one month earlier and this place would have been full of Brazilians! I am looking forward to Turkey, which will always have a special significance for me, as it was in Istanbul last year that I got my first ever Grand Prix victory. It is still fresh in my mind and it is a great memory and a nice feeling to be carrying back with me to this year’s race. It was a great victory for me. I love the track and the city and I really hope to repeat the great result from last year, when I was very strong all weekend, starting from pole position and winning on Sunday. I hope we can do it again.  Istanbul Park is a really great track and everyone talks about Turn 8, which is definitely one of the best corners of the season. I like this corner, and it is really challenging. To be quick at this point on the track, your entry has to be perfect and then you have to make sure you make no mistakes all the way through the middle and then the exit. It is a tricky corner to get right and it also plays an important part in the race itself as it is very tough physically to go round it quickly on every lap. I have been keeping in touch with my engineer back in Italy to find out how things are going. The team has had a chance to rest a bit but there has been a lot of hard work going on as well in the factory. In fact, for this race, I will have a new chassis, which is not especially significant, as it is normal for us to change chassis after a certain number of races. Turkey last year I was a first time race winner and in the space of twelve months things have changed as I am now chasing a title. As a team, we try and have a package that is competitive at every circuit, but Istanbul is the first of a series of quick tracks and I think these will suit us particularly well. Last year, from Turkey onwards I had a great championship, so that is an encouraging sign. In fact, I like the all the tracks that are coming up now, so I hope we end the season in style.


  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59
    Great pole, Felipe, congratulations! It, obviously made your father`s day :o) So tomorrow let`s make his (& our) weekend, too. Forza Ferrari!


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