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June 22, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

It has been a busy few weeks, with Indy following on immediately from Montreal and now, I have just finished a day’s testing at Silverstone, after Kimi did the first two days, so at least I got a little bit of rest before getting back in the car.     “When you look back to Canada, maybe we were not quite as quick as the McLarens, but in the race I was ahead of Alonso and maybe I could have finished on the podium, which would have been a good result, even if it had not been possible to win. Our aim there was to get as many points as possible, even if we could not match the pace of our competitor. But what happened there, when I was basically disqualified because of missing a light, which cannot be seen as a dangerous thing, I still find hard to deal with. But let’s forget about that now.     “As for Indy, we looked slightly more competitive, if not quite on the pace of our rivals. Finishing on the podium was not a complete disaster. Looking back at the last two races, if it had not been for that problem in Montreal, then the championship would still be completely open. Now, it is still open, but not looking quite so straightforward and we have to be careful not to make any mistakes. If you look at the recent past championships, sometimes we had two weekends better than Renault and sometimes it was the other way round. The competition was very close right to the end of the season. This time, even if our rivals have been better than us over the past couple of races, I think we can fight back and that is what we have been working towards back at the factory and over the past three days at Silverstone. I think we have some good ideas for the next upcoming races, which can change the situation. But we have to ensure we make no more mistakes and it would be nice to think it is time for our rivals to make some mistakes to give us a bit of breathing space. At Silverstone, we tried a new aero package and I immediately felt it was working well and I was very happy with the balance of my F2007.


  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59
    Well, we re all on your side guys, confident we ll be back! However, let me say something about your black flag.... I think the penalty was absolutely fair and the whole situation was our mistake completely. You know better than me that there are some rules on the track and like on the roads, you must stop on the red light. I agree on the fact that the red light was not necessary there but nevertheless, both you and fisi must have stopped, exactly like the people behind you did. Good luck for the next races mate ;)


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Exciting days ahead
05/09/2012 · Posted By Fernando Alonso(61)
Here we are, on the eve of my home race, the Spanish Grand Prix. It’s always a special event for me, because racing in front of my fans has always been a unique feeling. This topic and my relationship with the fans is something you can find out more about exclusively in the sixth edition of the Scuderia Ferrari Racing News at and, as many of you have been able to read, in the answers I have posted to my followers on @alo_oficial. On the subject of exciteme ... Read all »

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