Ferrari and clients raise €1million to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Maranello 09 April 2020

In aid of Modena's healthcare system. 

Ferrari's efforts to address the coronavirus pandemic continue: the Company has launched a fundraiser to support the health system of the province of Modena and will be matching all of the donations made by its clients.

The initiative is the result of shared efforts by the Company and its many international clients who, in the past years, have taken part at the wheel of their Ferrari cars in the Cavalcade, travel experiences organised by the Prancing Horse. Ferrari will replicate every amount donated by its  clients.

In  a matter of days  the fundraiser has already reached the million Euro mark, and it will continue over the coming  weeks.

Initial funds have  immediately been made available to Modena, birthplace of  Enzo Ferrari  himself. The Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale (AUSL), the local health care unit of the Italian National Health Service, will use them to treat patients affected by Covid-19 and to purchase medical aids and equipment to counteract the infection.

Part of the funding  will be employed in the expansion of Telemedicine, which allows for  remote monitoring of citizens with potential Covid-19 symptoms through devices connected to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth. Thanks to the Ferrari donations, the AUSL Modena is already using this technology with patients  residing in the province's nursing homes,  who are already suffering from neurological disorders, and have been tested positive for the virus.

Ferrari has also recently donated an ambulance to AUSL Modena that is  fully active and in daily use by the emergency department for all Covid related patients.

The Company continues to  consider further actions to bring immediate  tangible assistance to the community during the current  emergency and in particular thanks the generosity of its many clients from around the world.

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