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A Revolution in Client Experience

Ten years since being created, the Ferrari Europe and Africa Hub today covers 24 markets in five Regions. We salute the multi-national frontline teams whose varied talents and capacity to learn from each other guarantee a quality experience for every client everywhere
Words: Daniele Bresciani - Photography: Andrea Frazzetta, Dominik Mentzos, Simone Perolari, Mark Riccioni

Using the experiences of an entire team and making its very diversity an advantage in overcoming obstacles and growing together. That was the basis of the ‘little big revolution’ begun by Ferrari ten years ago when it created the FEA Hub, which today unites 24 markets of Europe and Africa in five Regions: Ferrari North Europe, headquartered in Slough, England; Ferrari West Europe, whose Paris offices manage France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Morocco; Ferrari Central Europe based in Wiesbaden, Germany, also covering Austria; and two Regions located at Maranello, Ferrari South Europe (Italy, South Africa, Romania, Turkey, Israel), and Ferrari East Europe (Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Azerbaijan).

Ferrari Central Europe team: R. Ottaviano, C. Sciortino, M. Weller, B. Eissner, F. Pieroth, M. Prange, C. Faust, G. Mineo, S. Murtas, S. Asim, E. Klotz

Francesco Bianchi, head of the Hub since 2013, arrived at Maranello to implement this unifying strategy. “Clearly you’re dealing with countries and commercial entities geographically close but very different one from another,” he explains. “The aim was to find uniform processes, strategies to confirm the coherence and uniqueness of Ferrari. Previously, there’d been local organisations reacting to the market based upon predominantly local logic, so it was decided to share those choices at the continental level, to standardise processes, making them more fluid and efficient.”

Ferrari East Europe team: L. Gironi, L. Sgarbazzini, F. Di Matteo, M. Gallotta, A. Gormina, M. Comandulli, R. Pezzetta; Ferrari South Europe team: G. Bascetta, M. Rovolon, K. Drescher, N. Gallo, F. Xella; Ferrari North Europe team: L. Colagrande, F. Feltrinelli, A. Coquet, T. Ciccone, P. George, J. Pang-Kessler, P. Suvorova, F. Lister, J. Harris, S. Osborne

Not a simple operation, considering the numbers involved: 74 dealerships, around 80 showrooms, over 120 official services, all looking to Maranello to come up with strategies and solutions. But it is something that has produced spectacular results because by exploiting the diverse capabilities of different people, new ideas and best practices circulate more quickly. Something emerging in Belgium may be of interest to Turkey, a Scandinavian issue could be resolved thanks to an experience in South Africa. It’s all done in the knowledge that when someone turns to the FEA Hub they are effectively looking to the whole of Europe, finding ways to put into practice the plans made back at Maranello. 

Bringing together their efforts helps find the best way forward in a European market that is itself considerably variegated, from ‘historical’ countries such as Italy, Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, to the likes of Poland and the Czech Republic that have a younger profile, both age-wise and market-wise.

Ferrari West Europe team: C. De Tugny, J. Kraffe, C. Cognard, M. Manca, T. Malaval, P. Martin Perez, F. Arganini, R. Vassor, M. Balocco

“These are clients”, Bianchi emphasises, “whom our people know personally, thus giving us a big advantage. Forming a personal rapport and having a direct connection allows us to understand their needs and to satisfy their wishes, continually renewing the experiences and services on offer, such as, for example, the Ferrari Hyperclub.” The programme’s baptism this year saw a select group of Ferraristi experience the 24 Hours of Le Mans from the heart of the race track, when the debut of the Ferrari Hypercar saw it claim an historic victory in one of the racing world’s most iconic competitions. “And this is just one example of how client-relationship and client-experience are fundamental elements at the heart of a strategy that can be summed up in five principal points,” says Bianchi. 

FEA leadership team: M. Sambaldi, R. Sportiello, M. Sarti, F. Bianchi, W. Hegger, F. Balli, R. Méquin, M. Comelli, C. Longo

“Keeping the perception of the brand’s value at a high level; strengthening the fidelity, trust, and sense of community both through our events and through the rapport with the dealerships and their local initiatives; always guaranteeing an extremely high quality of service throughout the client’s whole ‘journey’ at Ferrari - from getting-to-know the brand to the product experience, to the purchase, to the post-sales assistance and their active involvement in the community; paying the greatest of attention to sustainability at every level; developing and promoting activities and marketing and communications plans that are coherent between Maranello and the various markets, with an emphasis upon digital communication channels.”

Cover image: FEA Hub team: L. Leonelli, M. Mandrioli, C. Reppuccia, C. Anzel, C. Cammi, A. Armellini, F. Gallo

26 ottobre, 2023