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Kinch and Olander conquer Valencia

Race 2 of the Trofeo Pirelli at the Valencia circuit also turns out to be a thrill-packed affair.

Valencia 20 giugno 2021

Race 2 of the Coppa Shell at the Valencia circuit also turns out to be a thrill-packed affair. On the highest step of the podium are Christian Kinch (Formula Racing) and in Am class, Joakim Olander (Scuderia Autoropa), sealing an all-Swedish victory.

Twenty seconds into the race Fons Scheltema (Kessel Racing) and "Alex Fox" (SF Grand Est Mulhouse) collide, with the French driver coming off worst: "Alex Fox" goes off track, cuts a corner and ends up spinning into the gravel. His car, now out of control, comes back on-track and hits Axel Sartingen (Lueg Sportivo). The race ends for the pair, with enormous disappointment for the German who had started from pole position. First place is then taken over by Christian Kinch (Formula Racing), with Scheltema and James Weiland (Rossocorsa) giving chase. In the Am class, Olander manages to overtake pole-sitter Ingvar Mattsson (Scuderia Autoropa) over the opening corners. Behind them is Josef Schumacher (Eberlein Automobile) who makes a grab for third place. The initial incident triggers a Safety Car entrance, neutralizing the positions for some seven minutes.

The race resumes and the plot immediately thickens. Race stewards attribute the responsibility for the clash with “Alex Fox” to Scheltema, and the Dutch driver is forced to pit for a drive-through which will irreparably compromise his race. Weiland thus takes over second spot, followed by Ernst Kirchmayr (Baron Motorsport). A tight battle for third place is underway in the Am category, with Schumacher having to fend off attacks from Willem Van Der Vorm (Scuderia Monte-Carlo) and Giuseppe Ramelli (Rossocorsa - Pellin Racing). The Italian driver, however, experiences a technical issue and is forced to concede the position. The battle for third place is taken up by another Italian, Maurizio Pitorri (CDP - Best Lap).

In the final ten minutes, just about everything happens. Weiland leaves himself open to Kirchmayr, whom the Austrian driver takes advantage to snatch second place, a position he will hold on to until the finish, behind the eventual winner Kinch. In the Am class, Olander keeps the field in check and breezes through to the finish, crossing the line in first position. Meanwhile behind him, Mattsson, following in second place, is lumbered with a five-second sanction for having exceeded the track limits and has to settle for fourth place. Schumacher, while holding third, goes into a spin and waves the podium goodbye, concluding at the rear. The situation is taken advantage of by Van Der Vorm, who posts second, while Pitorri loses control of the car, handing the third podium place to fellow-countryman Paolo Scudieri (Sa.Mo.Car). Fourth is pole-sitter Mattsson who finishes ahead of Werner Genter (Moll Sportwagen Hannover) and Peter Christensen (Formula Racing).