Ferrari launches its new lifestyle and fashion boutique in Miami

Miami, FL, USA and Milan, Italy 03 maggio 2022

Ferrari is proud to announce the opening of its newest  United States-based fashion and lifestyle store in Miami, at Florida’s prestigious Aventura Mall. This  location marks the second American boutique, following the new Ferrari store concept launched in  2021. The boutique has been operating since April and is now officially open ahead of Miami’s debut  F1 Grand Prix in early May.

Standing on the luxury floor at 19575 Biscayne Boulevard, Ferrari’s latest U.S. retail outpost is a  relocation from a prior Ferrari store within the same shopping complex. This new space, however, is  significantly larger and has been designed in alignment with the label’s existing boutiques in  Maranello and Milan, Italy, and Los Angeles, California.

Ferrari Miami covers and impressive 210 square meters, and the store houses and sells the  company’s ready-to-wear and accessories collections, designed by Creative Director Rocco Iannone.  Ferrari curates two major fashion shows each year, with retail deliveries spinning off from these  collections throughout the six months that follow (Iannone showed his most recent catwalk earlier in  February 2022 at Milan Fashion Week). Products include a comprehensive womenswear, menswear  and children’s wear lineup of outerwear, daywear, sportswear and more, along with footwear, bags,  watches, sunglasses and other accessories.

The Miami space inline with the Maranello, Milan and Los Angeles locations, delivers a sleek balance of  terracotta and brushed aluminium, the Miami space features ten storefront windows, and a specific  Florida-only element sees photographs of 1980’s and 1990’s-era Ferraris displayed throughout the  space. This references Ferrari’s presence in popular culture, especially through the prism of the  Magic City: Miami Vice is one standout example of how the fields of entertainment, automobiles and  local allure fuse together.

Overall, Ferrari’s expansion into fashion and lifestyle shows the intention of keeping the Prancing  Horse among the world’s most recognized icons while developing new businesses that complement  and evolve Ferrari’s brand legacy. With the Miami boutique, the focus is on letting the ready-to-wear  and accessories collections stand more on their own as a brand entity for the future, while keeping  key links to Ferrari’s storied history of exclusivity and heritage.