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The Most Beautiful Race In The World

The Ferrari Tribute 2022 has paid homage to the 1000 Miglia and the legendary road-race that Ferrari made their own
Words – Ross Brown

The 1000 Miglia Ferrari Tribute has come to a close, with over 120 modern Prancing Horses covering nearly 2,000 kms and 250 municipalities in four days, across the length and breadth of Italy. 

Watch the Ferrari Tribute pay homage to the 1000 Miglia 

The route broadly follows the same journey taken by those brave souls of the last century, who thought nothing of driving a lap of Italy in less than 24 hours. For Ferrari, the post war Mille Miglia years saw eight wins from eleven races, producing a raft of legendary racing cars in the process, beginning with the 166 S in 1948 and ending in 1957 with the 315 S, driven by Piero Taruffi who covered 1596 kms in ten hours, 27 minutes and 47 seconds. 

Over 120 modern Ferraris took part in the 2000 km trip across Italy that began and ended in Brescia

Today, the journey takes slightly longer, with four days dedicated to enjoying the roads and scenery that made the Mille Miglia what Enzo Ferrari himself called “the most beautiful race in the world”. And this year, for the first time, owners were joined by two employees, with Ermanna Reggiani and Simona Bertolini taking their places in the "technical-operational" support team of the Officina Classiche


Beginning in Brescia’s Piazza Cappelletti, the parade of Prancing Horses departed for the lush seaside town of Cervia, taking the day to visit Desenzano del Garda on edge of Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake, before parading through the Sigurtà Garden Park and finishing under the long cool tree-lined avenues of Milano Marittima on the Adriatic coast. 

 The classic car collection saw several iconic Prancing Horses join the 1000 Miglia

Day Two’s drive to Rome took in almost all the challenges the Italian roads can offer, with the journey taking in the exciting hairpin bends up to San Marino and then the descent to Rome through the beautiful countryside of Urbino, Gubbio and Norcia. After a full day of driving and a parade in Via Vento, it was an early night and equally early start for the drivers. Rome’s quite morning streets echoed to the majestic sound of nearly 50 years of Ferrari history, beginning with the 1967 330 GTC, to a 1989 F40 and on to a 2022 SF90 Stradale (and almost every imaginable modern Prancing Horse in-between).

A Ferrari SF90 Spider following the roads of the historic Mille Miglia route 

Day Three was a monumental undertaking that would have made Taruffi proud; a 500 km drive through the heart of Italy, pausing in the medieval city of Siena for lunch before moving up past Florence and the Ferrari heartland of Modena to the final destination of Parma. From there it was a simple matter of a final day’s drive back to Brescia and the closing parade at the Viale Venezia, marking the end of a historic tradition that began in 1927 and through the dedication, passion and enthusiasm of Ferrari owners around the globe, continues to this day.