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The Ferrari Hall of Fame Needs You

For the first time, a new social media campaign from Ferrari seeks to answer one important question: what are your favourite Prancing Horse models of all time?

Nothing describes Ferrari’s ceaseless quest for innovation better than a quote from the founder himself: “The best Ferrari ever built is the next one”.  


Because when Enzo introduced the world to the first true Ferrari, the 125 S, on March 12, 1947, he was already thinking about the 159 S which arrived three months later, a racing car which in turn would be superseded by the 166 S, which would lead the way to the first Ferrari grand tourer road car, the 166 Inter. In other words, relentless innovation from day one.

Where does the mid-engine, twin turbocharged V8 Ferrari F40 sit amongst your favourite Prancing Horses? 

That desire to improve on every design has resulted in seven decades of delicious differentiation, from the big Colombo and Lampredi V12 grand tourers of the 1950s, to the sweepings sport prototype influences of the ‘60s, the mid-engine masterpieces in the ‘70s, right through to today’s pinnacles of hybrid technology in the 296 GTB and SF90 Stradale. 


And now, for the first time, Ferrari are asking their loyal fans to help choose a favourite Prancing Horse from each decade.  Not necessarily the fastest, or the most expensive, but the car that connects with you the most on an emotional level, through design, innovation, performance and even sound.    


The campaign will launch across Ferrari’s official social media channels from March 8th, giving fans the opportunity to nominate on the Instagram channel their most beloved Ferrari of each decade to produce a true fan’s Hall of Fame. 


Each decade of choice will involve a week of voting, including quarter finals, semi-finals and a final. 


The first decade will be chosen random and to take part in this unique campaign, simply head to Ferrari’s official Instagram account and submit your vote.