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    Race recap. Carlos fourth, Charles retires

    Start. Charles keeps the lead, while Carlos drops two places.

    Montmelò 22 maggio 2022

    Temperature: air 37°; track 46°

    Start. Charles keeps the lead, while Carlos drops two places.

    Lap 7. Carlos spins at turn 4 and rejoins 11th

    Lap 11. Carlos pits to go from Soft to Medium tyres, rejoining 15th. As other cars pit, the Spaniard is back into the points on lap 13.

    Lap 14. Sainz passes Norris for ninth and, when Lance Stroll pits next time round, the Spaniard is eighth.

    Lap 19. Sainz passes Sebastian Vettel to go seventh.

    Lap 21. Charles pits to switch from Soft to Medium. It’s a 2.2 second stop and he keeps the lead.

    Lap 24. Sainz passes Esteban Ocon for sixth.

    Lap 26. Charles is forced to pit and retire with a power unit problem, which promotes Carlos to fifth.

    Lap 32. Carlos makes his second stop, rejoining on another set of Medium tyres in eighth place behind Yuki Tsunoda, whom he soon passes. Ocon also pits, so Sainz is now fifth again.

    Lap 45. Carlos pits for a third time, takes on Soft tyres and rejoins seventh. He soon dispenses with Ocon to go sixth.

    Lap 48. Lewis Hamilton pits so Sainz is fifth.

    Lap 59. Carlos takes Bottas to go fourth, but is immediately passed by Hamilton, so he is back in fifth.

    Lap 65. Hamilton slows, handing fourth place back to Carlos.