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    Bahrain Grand Prix 2019 by Matteo Spirito

    Sakhir 27 marzo 2019


    The raw beauty of the desert clashes with the futuristic lines of Manama, framing the second GP of the season.

    The Rossa faces the race embodying this contrast: a technological marvel that devours the track like a force of nature.


    Matteo Spirito is an illustrator and concept artist who enjoys working on different and widespread types of projects. In 2009 he graduated in "Illustration and Animation" at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Rome and soon started working for several Role Playing, Board and Card Games. Since the last two years, he is working mainly in concept art and character designs in a miniature-making company based in Florence.

    Cover art by Matteo Spirito for Sakhir 2019