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    Driver comments from the Race-1 podium

    Silverstone 17 settembre 2022

    At the end of  Race 1 at Silverstone, marked by two Safety Cars and several crashes, Lucky Khera became champion of the British series. It was a hard-fought and difficult race and the drivers themselves confirm this.


    Trofeo Pirelli

    Lucky Khera, winner Trofeo Pirelli

    Andrew Morrow, third place in Trofeo Pirelli: “The start was mad! A lot of cars got caught up in Corner 2, but I managed to come out and take P4 which I was happy with considering I started at the back of the grid”.


    Coppa Shell

    Carl Cavers, winner Coppa Shell

    Paul Simmerson, second place in Coppa Shell: “The race was a crazy start – Turn 1, we were all clean, but in Turn 2 and Turn 3, cars just came together. There was nothing deliberate or intentional but somehow, I managed to avoid it all. I went as wide as I could to keep out the way so I got through and came up behind John Seale and Stuart Marston. I was battling with Seale to try and get passed him any way I could and he eventually made a mistake and I took the position at the end of the race”.

    Paul Rogers, third place in Coppa Shell: “That was possibly the toughest race I have ever done! It was carnage on the first couple of corners and I was hit on the side which caused my steering wheel to turn by 90 degrees. I was going to stop but managed to keep going. I couldn’t turn right properly; I could only turn left. It was a really tough race, I don’t know how I managed to finish, it was amazing I finished on the podium. I think a lot of people had some damage, that was a really tough race, a really aggressive, tough race”.