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    Davide Rigon comment after the qualifying

    Tailem Bend 11 gennaio 2020

    A perfect lap, on the final available attempt, allowed Davide Rigon to snatch pole position in the second season qualifying of the Asian Le Mans Series. The Italian driver registered the fastest ever lap time on the Australian track, giving the new 488 GT3 Evo 2020 its best possible debut. These were his comments at the end of the session. "It was a pole position achieved at the final moment. On my first attempt the tyres weren’t yet ready, also because it was the first time that we had put on the new set of tyres and I hadn’t yet found the right balance. On my second assault on the pole position I clocked up some excellent partial times, but I was forced to slow down due to the on-track traffic. I had only one chance to get the best time, so I threw caution to the wind and managed to put together some excellent sectors. This is a circuit where you can make a difference by taking some risks. The feeling with the car is not yet the ideal one but we are very fast, however we must further improve the rear-end stability. The track is difficult to tackle, both from a technical and physical point of view and the high temperatures will be an additional element to consider in the race".