Ferrari Roma arrives in Shanghai, reviving the legend of Italian Dolce Vita

Shanghai 23 July 2020

The Prancing Horse’s new V8 2+ coupé boasts breath-taking elegance 

Ferrari, the world’s most prestigious Italian luxury sports car brand, launched the all-new Ferrari Roma in Shanghai, reviving the legend of eternal, iconic Italian luxury to its enthusiasts across the region.

As one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in China, Shanghai presents the perfect stage for Ferrari to showcase its latest masterpiece. With a time-honoured cultural heritage and a vibrant urban lifestyle, Shanghai flawlessly echoes the breath-taking combination of performance and elegance brought by the Ferrari Roma, while setting the tone for Ferrari owners and enthusiasts to embrace one of the most elegant new members to the Prancing Horse portfolio.

The Ferrari Roma which melts the hearts of thousands of fans with its timelessness, elegance and purity, accurately captures the Italian “Dolce Vita” concept, which celebrates a care-free and pleasurable philosophy. From a technical point of view, this latest coupé from the Prancing Horse introduces a series of unparalleled features, cementing its position at the top of its segment in terms of performance and driving pleasure.

Equipped with an all-new powertrain, featuring an 8-speed gearbox, the Ferrari Roma is enhanced to be more powerful and fun to drive. Meanwhile, the 620 cv engine, which belongs to the award-winning Ferrari V8 turbo family, has been voted as the ‘International Engine of the Year’ for four consecutive years. Among the innovations introduced in the Ferrari Roma is a new speed sensor with revised cam profiles, which increases the maximum revs per minute by an additional 5,000 rpm, and a gasoline particulate filter which helps meet strict emission standards. Meanwhile, the new Ferrari Roma boasts a stunning 0-100 km/h acceleration in 3.4 seconds, and a best-in-class power and power-to-weight ratio (2.37 kg/cv), which strengthens handling dynamics and responsiveness.

Derived from the new 8-speed gearbox introduced on the SF90 Stradale, the Ferrari Roma features a new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission that is more compact and 6 kg lighter than its 7-speed predecessor. Meanwhile, the 5-position Manettino – Wet, Comfort, Sport, Race and ESC-Off – makes the Ferrari Roma’s handling and grip more accessible and, combined with the car’s basic mechanical set-up, makes the Roma extremely exhilarating to drive.

The Ferrari Roma also inherits many of the characteristics celebrated in some of the most legendary Ferrari GT models of the 1960s, while sporting an extremely stylish design language. The clean and minimal front of the car creates an overhanging shark nose effect while the pure, refined styling and perfect proportions cleverly conceal the car’s power and sportiness.

The brand-new Ferrari Roma features harmonious proportions and elegantly balanced volumes. An evolutionary Dual Cockpit concept for volumes and forms was developed for the Ferrari Roma’s cabin. The cabin was designed to create two separate spaces or cells, one for the driver and the other for the passenger. Unlike previous Prancing Horse sports cars, which are typically more driver-oriented, the cabin of the Roma makes the passenger feel more involved in the driving experience, almost like a co-pilot. This cleverly balanced combination of elegance and sportiness brings a sense of exceptional refinement and unique character to the interior.

Speaking on the Shanghai Launch of the Ferrari Roma, Mr. Giuseppe Cattaneo, President of Ferrari Greater China, commented: “Ferrari Roma perfectly reflects the latest design language and technology from the Ferrari brand, while representing a unique Italian lifestyle. Its perfect balance between performance and elegance has earned it a reputation as ‘F1 in black tie’. We are truly excited about the Shanghai launch of the all-new Ferrari Roma. I have every confidence that this new model will offer an extraordinary experience of understated luxury, thrilling performance and pleasant ride comfort to our Ferrari owners and enthusiasts in China.”

The Shanghai launch, followed by events in Guangzhou, Beijing and Chengdu, is part of the campaign to introduce the Ferrari Roma to mainland China. The starting MSRP of the new Ferrari Roma is 2,380,000 RMB.

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