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Unity is strength

21 aprile 2020

When times get hard the first help comes from the family. And that is what happened in the Ferrari family. Clients from all over the world, who have taken part over the years in Cavalcade events, asked what they could do to help and Ferrari responded straight away.

It identified a target, the health system in the Province of Modena, and fully matched the donations that came in from its international family. In just a few days the collection had reached one million Euros. But that was only the start as the initiative was extended into the following weeks.

This initiative of solidarity is perhaps the best example of that spirit of friendship that is created during the Cavalcades, when people sharing the same passion all feel part of a community doing what they love best: driving their Ferrari along the most beautiful roads in the world.

The Modena region, where Enzo Ferrari was born and which hosts the company headquarters, was the natural choice for sending the first supplies. Through the local Health Authority (A.U.S.L.) of Modena, these resources will be used for treating patients affected by Covid19 and in the purchase of medical supplies and equipment useful in combating the contagion.

Ferrari has also recently donated an ambulance to the same Health Authority, which has already been in action serving Covid19 patients at Accident and Emergency departments.

Thanks to the generosity of its international clients Ferrari is already planning other initiatives for providing concrete and immediate assistance in the battle against the Coronavirus.


All photographic and video content of the above article was created prior to the Covid-19 emergency and related Government decrees​