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Twelve beautiful new colours come to Ferrari interiors as a leather palette arrives to bring almost endless combinations to choose from
It’s hard to over-estimate just how important colour is for Ferrari. From the Rosso Corsa red that coated the first true Prancing Horse, the 1947 125 S, to the Modena yellow racing machines that emerged in the ‘50s, the Ferrari palette has evolved over the last 75 years to include metallic, solid and traditional colours and an almost limitless range of different configurations.

Verde Bellagio is a striking new colour available to choose - the green leather is seen here on the SF90 Spider

Of course, it’s not just the outside of a Prancing Horse that deserves all the attention. The handmade leather interior is also an integral part of Ferrari’s heritage, and a dozen new colours are now available to order thanks to the Special Equipment personalisation programme.

While red is present with Rossos Bologna and Ducale, which take inspiration from the zest for life of Bologna and the shades seen on the walls of villas in Tuscany, elsewhere you’ll find other classic looking colours Inspired by breathtaking Italian scenery and elements of nature, like Terra Antica, which borrows from the mixed brown tones of the soil.

There are twelve new colours to choose from using the Special Equipment options, from greys to greens, reds to blues

From the deep greens of Verde Venaria, inspired by the gardens that surround the nation’s palaces and villas, to the sparking blue sea around the island of Lipari, the new palette allows even more choice of combinations to suit almost every taste.

Perhaps the most difficult decision is whether you want your new colours to feature on the retro-inspired Roma or the perhaps the SF90 Spider. A nice headache to have indeed.

The silver exterior of this SF90 Spider is a stunning contrast to the new Verde Venaria leather interior colour